Analyzing Business Financial Statements is a course designed to address the needs of bankers and credit analysts by reinforcing their credit analysis skills. It begins with a review of key accounting principals (including the Rules of Debits and Credits) and the components of financial statements including a detail review of Accounts Receivable, Inventory and Fixed Asset accounts and how the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts; Various Inventory Costing Methods and Various Depreciation Methods can impact the bottom line of the Income Statement. Then, the course will proceed into reading the Notes to the Financial Statements which provides an in-depth review of the items on the financial statements. The course will examine the balance sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings and the Statement of Cash Flow in detail. Calculation of key credit ratios and cash flow will be demonstrated.

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Credit Analysts with little or no experience; Credit Officers; Commercial Loan Officers/Managers; Loan Review Officers and Branch Managers.

After Participating in This Course, The Participants Will:

  • Know the various types of financial statements and be able to identify the components of financial statements including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, and Reconciliation of Net Worth.
  • Know how to read the Notes to Financial Statements and identify latent Notes which may have a major impact on the operating performance of a credit.
  • Know how to perform a detailed Cash Flow Analysis by calculating the sources and uses of funds from one accounting period to another.
  • Know how to identify factors which may impact the ability to repay debt obligations and to document the finding in a written credit analysis memorandum.
  • Know how to perform industry comparison analysis utilizing Standard Industry Codes.


"Jeffery did a fantastic job all week keeping us engaged in the material and involved. He was a fantastic coordinator & lead professor"

Cliff Knowlton, Prime South

"WONDERFUL!! Great Instructor, great information. Will definitely attend more of Jeffery's classes".

Ansley Oliver, Georgia Commerce Bank

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