This two-day seminar will provide participants with an understanding of core communication principles essential for effective communication. Participants will learn to apply these principles to develop personal and professional successes.

After completing this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the elements of the communication process and describe the basic purpose of writing.
  2. Tailor their writing to their potential reader/customer.
  3. Define the objectives for writing.
  4. Support their assertions and conclusions.
  5. Develop a polished product that serves to reinforce their purpose in writing.


Any supervisor, manager, or team leader who has responsibility for compiling memos, letters, and other written communication to other employees and customers.


"Jeffery did a fantastic job all week keeping us engaged in the material and involved. He was a fantastic coordinator & lead professor"

Cliff Knowlton, Prime South

"WONDERFUL!! Great Instructor, great information. Will definitely attend more of Jeffery's classes".

Ansley Oliver, Georgia Commerce Bank

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