Loan Review Certificate Program

In today’s current economic environment, managing the Commercial and Consumer Loan Portfolio is paramount in order to maintain a safe and sound financial institution. The regulatory agencies are becoming more demanding in their review of banks in light of numerous and recent bank failures across the nation and the increased number of banks currently on their “Trouble Bank” list.

The Loan Review Process in banks is more important than any time in the history of banking. It is important to recognize that while a Loan Review system may take many forms, effective systems have the following common objectives:

  • To minimize losses by the early identification of credit weaknesses
  • To provide essential information for determining the adequacy of valuation allowances
  • To monitor compliance with policies, procedures, laws, and regulations
  • To provide senior management and the board of directors with an objective assessment of the overall quality of the loan portfolio
  • To help ensure the integrity of financial reports

The internal loan review process has been elevated to a professional status requiring personnel with proven education and experience to be involved. Certification of Loan Review Personnel makes a bold statement to your bank’s Board of Directors, Federal and State Regulators Executive Management, Lending Personnel and Stockholders that you consider this function worthy enough to staff this position with individuals meeting certain requirements.

The Loan Review Certification Program will identify individuals who posses necessary skills to lead this important function. The Certificate will be recognized by the Louisiana Bankers Association Board of Directors, Member Banks and Associate Members as the authoritative process that sets the standards of an outstanding Loan Review Program. The Certification process closely follows prescribed regulatory and accounting requirements that govern the Loan Review Process.

This Four Day Certification Program requires precourse graded case studies, full attendance of classes and passing of a comprehensive skills exam. The course will provide those that attend enhanced skills in the following areas:

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Individual Loan Evaluations
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis
  • Documentation & Collateral
  • Written Communication Skills
  • Today’s Regulatory Environment



  • Credit Culture and Organization
    • Where are you now?
    • Where do you what to be?
  • Credit Risk Management
    • Determining risk tolerance
    • Risk supervision
    • Risk monitoring
    • Structuring of an effective risk management process
  • Role of Loan Review
    • Loan policy compliance– Early warning function– Quality control function
  • Assessing Loan Quality (Review of case studies)
    • In depth Analysis of Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns
    • Analyzing Corporate Tax Returns
    • Industry analysis– Economic conditions– Financial performance
    • Analyzing Corporate Financial Statements
    • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Financial Forecasting
    • Sustainable Growth


  • Case Study
  • Credit Process Review
    • Evaluating the credit process
  • Reporting Procedures
    • To whom are you reporting? – Objectives and scope– Conclusions and recommendations
  • Individual Loan Evaluations
    • Risk assessment– Loan grading and classifications
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis
    • Risk assessment– Administration– Loan loss reserve allocation
    • Review of case study


  • Building Communication Skills
  • Internal Audit Procedures
  • Documentation Review
  • Calculation of the Allowance for Loans and Lease Losses
    • Interagency policy– FAS 5– FAS 114
    • Troubled Debt Restructures
  • Regulatory Viewpoint and Current Topics Discussion


  • Review and Exam


Those who successfully complete the program will be awarded a certificate signifying that the individual has attained a level of expertise in loan review that is recognized by The Current Banking Association……

This Certification will be subject to publication in local and state wide media……

The awarding of the Certificates will be conducted through a formal lunch / dinner at the end of the school…………

Loan Review Certification, Final Exam and Certification $1,675


"Jeffery did a fantastic job all week keeping us engaged in the material and involved. He was a fantastic coordinator & lead professor"

Cliff Knowlton, Prime South

"WONDERFUL!! Great Instructor, great information. Will definitely attend more of Jeffery's classes".

Ansley Oliver, Georgia Commerce Bank

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